The most popular industrial uses of fibreglass

The method of fibreglass becoming one of the greatest technologies for making and designing products, to ensure the durability and strength are top notch.

It is used in a range of products, such as:

  • aerospace
  • automotive
  • boats
  • machinery
  • medical uses
  • leisure activities
  • DIY projects
  • home ware

The building industry

The building industry uses fibreglass massively. It is mainly used on an energy saving bases due to the rising cost of energy. Fibreglass is can prevent the formation of cracks in concrete as it is highly durable. – for more about industrial fibreglass moulding, read here.

The piping works

For piping purposes, fibreglass can be used to stabilise and reinforce the piping material to meet tailored requirements without compromising on safety. Fibreglass can also be used in a spray form on the pipes to give properties such as being watertight, resistance to corrosion and being lightweight.

A thermal conductor

The special polymer can act as a thermal conductor with low friction. It can be used as a lining for materials in a chemical engineering plant as a coat for transportation to protect against any damages.