The fun leisure activities created from fibreglass

GRP is such a flexible material with so many varied qualities for all types of leisure applications. The only real limit to its application is imagination,including facilities for water parks such as slides and water ride, rollercoaster carts for theme parks and extreme interior and exterior themes.

It is so popular in leisure products because you are always going to need materials for leisure activities and fibreglass materials provide a low cost and low maintenance, which doesn’t compromise on quality!

Swimming Pools:

Fibreglass is very commonly known to make pools, with design features of your choice to be added. It is one of the safest options as it has a smooth finish with no sharp or rough edges. It is very easy to clean and some versions can be stain resistant.  Having a pool made from fibreglass mean they are extremely strong and are very hard to cause damage to.

Water Parks:

Fibreglass waterslides are becoming increasingly popular within water parks. Fibreglass products mean that low cost, low maintenance and high quality products are provided creating a better business for them. Fibreglass can be easily moulded into any shape, making it ideal for water slides.


For a mix of sports and fun, table tennis can be made from fibreglass too. Having table tennis from this material means that no maintenance is needed to keep it looking good, and is also vandal resistant to protect to the highest standard.